I have been visiting Pat at the Wellbeing Centre on Wood Street for about 18 months for various muscular ailments, from lower back pain, sciatic pain and huge muscular knots from climbing. For each treatment received I have been very pleased with the results and hence return visits. After the treatment I always feel very relaxed and have a sense of wellbeing. I can see that Pat is dedicated to her work and really wants to help resolve physical issues and can offer advice on lifestyle changes or adaptations that may be required to limit any further problems. She is friendly and professional and I would recommend her to anyone that suffers from the various types of stresses of every day life.

─ Neil S. ─

I moved to Swindon about a year ago and was keen to find someone to continue my regular massages with. Right from my first visit to see Pat I was impressed! She took the time to find out about my history, understand my particular problem areas and offered advice about the best treatments she could provide. Consequently I now regularly go to Pat for a massage type I'd never even tried before and feel better than ever! I'd thoroughly recommend Pat to anyone looking for a skilled, understanding professional who really does have her customers' health and mobility as the founding principles for her work. Thanks Pat!

─ Carly E. ─

After undergoing elective surgery for a wrist problem I was hit with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) which rendered the whole of my lower right arm, wrist and hand severely swollen, painful and with very limited mobility. After over a year of conventional physiotherapy I was still in considerable pain and had very limited use of that hand. A friend recommended Jan Wojtowicz who had helped him. Jan was overloaded and suggested that I see Pat. I only wish that I had seen her twelve months ago. Within two sessions of treatment I had much increased mobility of the hand and less pain. After a few more sessions I was able to decrease the number of pain killers that I had been having while the benefits in terms of mobility, strength and pain reduction continued. Where the previous physiotherapist only concentrated on the wrist and hand with little success, Pat's more holistic approach treating the whole arm, and neck has been brilliant. I cannot speak more highly of her and wholeheartedly recommend her.

─ Jim C. ─

Pat's Thai Massage is a perfect mix between sorting out painful muscle knots and relaxation. I have been seeing Pat for massage for 18 months and she has kept my legs and back pain free through hard training for 2 marathons. Pat will assess your mood when you arrive and alter the treatment depending on what you need most. She can always tell if I'm stressed and primarily need relaxing!

─ Rosalyn H. ─

I had my very first massage with Pat at the beginning of my recent pregnancy, and from that moment I was hooked! I have had many different massages before, but none have felt quite so rejuvenating and relaxing as this. Pat is a truly magical therapist who carries out her massage with so much pride, professionalism and understanding. Through my pregnancy and beyond Pat has practiced Thai, Swedish and pregnancy techniques on me, treating me (and my bump!) with dignity and respect and tailoring each massage to how I felt at each visit. After every visit I feel a renewed sense of calm and integrated well being as well as my knots eased from tensed up muscles. Pat truly has healing hands and techniques and it's obvious she is passionate about massage as a healing art and is dedicated to her profession. The resulting relief is always immediate and lasting with inner balance restored

─ Zoe D. ─

I can highly recommend Pat's treatments as her intuition, depth of knowledge and hands on skills are outstanding. A massage with Pat is not about someone going through a routine but about a therapist who is totally immersed and passionate about what she does and whose aim is to give you the best possible treatment she can. Simply brilliant!

─ Jan W. ─

Dear Pat, This is to thank you once again for the fantastic massage you did for me yesterday. I must say that this is the most useful thing I had related to my health problems. Of course, I realise that this may not solve my neurological problems, if they are related to the brain, but at least it solved the issue related to the consequences of this nerve irritation on my muscle. Before coming to you, the muscles on my left leg were really hurting, in particular after straining my leg for a week, during the walking holiday. I could not walk smoothly, but now I realised that this was because of the tightness of my muscles. After just one session with you I feel like a new born. It is amazing. I can almost walk smoothly and the tightness has almost disappeared. If I could have one session on Monday before I go to London this would probably bring me completely back to normal, at least on a temporary basis, as I may strain the muscle again in the short term. I will start going to the gym next week to start strengthening the muscles and hopefully solve the problem in long term. Looking forward to hearing to you regarding the possibility of a new appointment and hope to keep in contact.

─ C ─

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