Sports Massage

Sports Massage image
  • A form of body work involving manipulation of soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin) to benefit a person engaged in physical activity and/or with muscle imbalances
  • Designed to target problems and imbalances and assist in correcting them using medium to deep pressure
  • Using a variety of techniques including active and passive soft tissue release, deep strokes, myofascial release, compression, vibration, friction and many more
  • Prevents injury, support healing and recovery
  • Relieves pain and aches, alleviates strains and soreness
  • Enhances performance and helps to achieve fitness goals
  • Improves mobility, flexibility, speeds recovery and repair after exercise

Thai Massage

Thai Massage image
  • "Thai Yoga massage" is traditional healing system combining acupressure, Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga like movements
  • This unique interactive bodywork incorporates a wide range of techniques including acupressure, assisted stretching and rhythmic pressing
  • Performed on futon on the floor with client fully clothed (no oils)
  • Deeply relaxing but energising at the same time may bring relief to many ailments
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain and tension, promotes healing

Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage image
  • Ancient therapeutic procedure working well all the muscles and joints of the lower leg and feet
  • Involves deep but soothing massage and gentle stretching along with the use of a wooden Thai Massage stick to stimulate the reflex points and Thai based meridians
  • Oil is applied to the feet and legs during the treatment to allow the massage to flow smoothly and sensitively as well as leaving the areas worked on feeling refreshed and nourished
  • This wonderful treatment improves circulation, aids lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling, relieves stress, improves flexibility, is deeply relaxing and improves general health and healing
  • Good for pain relief, leads to feeling of tranquility, improves sleep and healing

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage image
  • The most common type of massage, uses oil techniques like long, flowing and gliding strokes and kneading
  • Uses oils and combines various hands-on techniques including gliding, kneading and vibration
  • More superficial and gentle, uses light to medium pressure
  • Relaxing, soothing, relieving tension
  • Helps with chronic pain, tension, boosts immune system, increases blood flow and lymph drainage, relaxes the body and mind

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage image
  • Tailored specifically to needs of pregnant women during all stages of pregnancy
  • Customised for the individual
  • Gives relief from discomforts during all stages of pregnancy such as swollen legs or pressure on your joints, lower back pain, neck and shoulders tightness.
  • Reduces stress, promotes wellness for mum and baby

Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage image
  • A mix of Thai Massage and Seated Massage ideal for your workplace or promotional events
  • Therapist uses many different techniques and methods to increase energy, reduce stress, reduce fatigue and muscle pain
  • It can help alleviate issues associated with long hours of work in the modern world

Therapeutic Back Massage

Therapeutic Back Massage image
  • Deep work focussed on back tissues, designed specifically to relieve pain and muscle tension, release long-held adhesions or "knots" in your body
  • Uses combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Remedial, Thai and Sports Massage techniques concentrated on deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue in the areas of pain

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping image
  • An excellent add-on service available for you to personalize your massage session
  • It can be used for treating injuries, pain, supporting weak areas, enhancing performance, re-educating muscles

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage image
  • Utilises slow strokes, direct pressure and friction working deeply into the muscle and connective tissue layers to relieve them from "knots" and adhesions, breaking up scar tissue, improving flexibility and suppleness.
  • Aims to improve muscle function, boosts muscle recovery, promotes change in the actual structure of the body in the long run
  • It is perfect for chronic muscle pain, sports-related injuries and restrictions
  • Great for stress

Not sure yet what type of massage is right for you? Don't worry. I will tailor the treatment to your individual needs using a combination of techniques that is best for you.


Service:Thai, Thai Foot and Pregnancy Massage
Treatment DurationPrice
60 minutes£45
75 minutes£53
90 minutes£60
120 minutes£80
Service:Sports, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Therapeutic Back and Mixed Techniques Massage
Treatment DurationPrice
60 minutes£50
75 minutes£60
90 minutes£70
120 minutes£90
Service:Kinesio Taping and Corporate Massage

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